Local Sport and Educational Activities

basket 1570156Here we have 3 main activities:
1. Planning of local sport and educational activities carried put by 10 coaches trained + mentoring offered by 2 Sport trainers – 2 Youth workers previously involved in Int.Traing Courses + Local Training Courses.
Renovation of a public space to practice sport + launch of the campaign ―Grassroot Sports in public space.
Sport and educational activities shaping in tournaments scheduling in 4 months addressed to children, teenagers, youngsters from local and migrant community (150). Sports can be various: football, volleyball, cricket, basket etc. The choice will taken by the partners.
The sport and educational activities that will be managed in each country by the ten new coaches will cover a period of four months - from February 2018 to May 2018 - and will be divided into at least three different sports chosen on the basis of local customs and issues. The activities will be scheduled 2 times a week and will be shaped in tournaments with teams made up of individuals from both the targets - refugees and asylum seekers and local disadvantaged youngsters - in order to facilitate a constructive confrontation between them through the dissemination of sport values like reciprocity, mutual recognition and respect for the rules, hence encouraging integration and implanting the seeds of non-racism. The sport activities will be addressed to children and teenagers from both migrant and local communities too.
Every sport tournament chosen will end in May 2018 with a symbolic award ceremony for the winning teams (each participant will get a certificate of participation and MATCH uniform). It will be a valued event as it will represent the end of a physically and social growth path in collective way, and not only a celebration of a sport victory.
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